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NCEA Guide: Mobile App 

To help parents and employers better understand NCEA, NZQA has developed an app designed for mobile devices - phones and tablets. 

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Planning and Tracking NCEA progress

Use the NCEA Student App

The key purpose of the App?

NZQA has developed a mobile App called NCEA Student to help students plan their NCEA study programme, set goals and track their progress. The App complements the NCEA Guide App for parents and employers launched in 2014.

The App is available from the iTunes and Google Play stores

What does the App do?

Students were involved in the design of the App from the beginning, and chose the functions that were of most value to them.  Functionality provides students with the ability to:

Other features

Anything else you need to know?

Users are responsible for the security of their own data ? NZQA recommends a PIN number on the phone as a minimum, and a password (a ?settings? option) on the App. Responsibility for the accuracy of the information in the App rests with the App user and NZQA recommends backing up your device. It is your information and your data, entered by you.

Minimum specifications?

The NCEA Guide App is free to download - get it now.

2020 Term Dates

Term 1

Wednesday 29th January to Friday 27 March

Term 2

Wednesday 15 April to Friday 3rd July 

Term 3

Monday 20th July to Friday 25th September

Term 4

Monday 12th October to Thursday 10th December 


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